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The Battle of Clothing Subscription Services

The Battle of Clothing Subscription Services

Being a full time working mom, my bandwidth to go clothes shopping is quite flat. I heavily rely on online shopping. Facebook ads introduced me to the world of clothing subscription services (Go social media advertising!). And since then, I have tried quite a few clothing subscription services. 

Today, I will be reviewing 3 tried and tested clothing subscription services. These companies have not sponsored my blog in any way, shape or form. This is my non-sponsored honest opinion. 

Front Door Fashion

Like any other clothing subscription service, they ask you to complete your style profile, which I diligently did. They send you outfits based on your style profile. You keep what you like and return the rest. Sounds great so far. Well, the real issue starts once the outfits are shipped.

They require signature for receipt for all deliveries. Being a working family, I have no one who can sit at home waiting to sign the proof of delivery. I kept getting "Sorry we missed you" notices. I emailed Front Door Fashion to see if they can waive the signature requirement. They said they can't as the clothes are worth 1500 dollars. Well- If I had the time to be at home to sign for deliveries, I won't be using your service. I found it extremely inconvenient. So that was a big fail!

The outfits I received were decent. But the selection was overwhelming. 

Final Verdict

No Thanks


Stitch Fix

This is one of the most popular clothing subscription services out there.

 A stylist picks up clothes for you based on your style profile. They send you a box, you keep what you like and send the rest back. You are charged for only what you keep. Returns are very simple. Sounds pretty straight forward. 

I did get almost 20 boxes from them over a period of 1.5 years. However, you are the mercy of the stylist. Some boxes were amazing, and some were just duds. A clothing item is a minimum of 50 dollars. If you are looking for budget shopping, this may not work for you. 

The quality was pretty good, and I found some amazing petite pants through them. However, their boxes got repetitive and I got bored. Therefore, I am done with them for a while.

Final Verdict

 Worth a Try


Le Tote

This is more of a clothing rental service. For $59 a month, you can get unlimited boxes of clothing (3 clothing items +2 accessories). They do carry brands like Kate Spade and Tahari.

A box is prepared based on your style profile. You can review the box before it's shipped out. You can swap items if you don't like their selection. I absolutely LOVE this feature.  Once you are done wearing the outfits, you ship them back. Returns are very simple. I leave the pre-paid return bag in my mail box and USPS picks it up! Can't get easier than this. 

For 60 bucks, I end up getting 8-10 pieces of clothing and 6-8 accessories in a month which I think is a score! And I don't have to commit to buying anything.

The only downside, clothes are not brand new. I am ok with this as everything is laundered and clean when it reaches you. You don't have to wash anything before returning them.

Final Verdict

Must Try, Love it

Here are some of the outfits I got from Le Tote

Dress from Le Tote. 

Jumpsuit from Le Tote

Sleeveless Suede Jacket from Le Tote

Earrings from Le Tote

Dress from Le Tote

Dress from Le Tote

There are so many other clothing subscriptions out there. Gywnnie Bee and Trunk Club from Nordstrom are on my wish list to try out. If you have tried any of these, let me know what you think about them.


Also, if you want a free box from Le Tote, comment below and I will hook you up!

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