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Simple Tips to Stay Fit

Simple Tips to Stay Fit

I am no fitness guru. Given my super busy lifestyle, I barely manage to hit the gym 2- 3 times a week (if I am lucky). And it’s for no more than 30-45 minutes. However, all of us know the importance of staying healthy. So, let me share a few things that I incorporate in my day to day schedule to sneak in some exercise. So, if you are as lazy as I am, keep reading!

Portion Control

The first and the foremost thing- if you want to get fit, you must be very careful about what you stuff your face with. Diet plays a HUGE role. I eat everything (but sugar) and I diligently follow portion control. If you are like me and have no clue how much to eat, use this cool portion control containers from Amazon. It really works. Click on the link below the picture to shop.

Portion Control Container   Image credit- Amazon

Portion Control Container

Image credit- Amazon

Play tag or jumping jack with your toddler

I have a 5-year-old who is full of energy. In the evenings after work, I spend 30 minutes running around the backyard or home with him playing tag or jumping/bouncing around. You end up spending quality time with your kid and getting your heart rate up. Win Win!!

Squat during brushing teeth

I know it sounds odd, but instead of standing and brushing your teeth, squat while brushing your teeth. It’s such a simple thing to do and really builds core strength.

Balance ball chair

Swap your chair at home or work with balance ball chair. We sit all day! Let’s make it count. I love how awesome it is for the core and overall posture. Click on the link below photo to shop.

Balance Ball Chair   Image Credit- Amazon

Balance Ball Chair

Image Credit- Amazon

Get a personal trainer

I know this may not be a viable solution for all. But getting a personal trainer to train you 1-2 times a week makes big impact. I have a trainer who works with me on my weaknesses and I can see a huge improvement in my fitness since I started working with him. Yes, it’s a bit expensive. But it’s so worth it.

Cut out sugar

I was such a sugar addict. 1 year back, I decided to cut out added sugar from my diet. It was sooooo hard. But after a week of cutting out sugar, my cravings disappeared. I don’t eat any dessert, chocolates or add sugar in my coffee. But if a food naturally contains sugar, like bread- I do eat it but in controlled portions.

It makes such a huge difference that I cannot explain. Try cutting out sugar and you will thank me later

What is your favorite fitness hack that you swear by. Comment below and let me know.

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