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Get Glowing In Under 5 Minutes

Get Glowing In Under 5 Minutes

How many of us are blessed with glowing skin?

Not me!! So if you ain't got it, you got to fake it.

So what's the secret? ....Obviously, makeup!! (Humans who are blessed with glowing skin, you may all now silently judge us.... )

Now the next question is, how long does it take to get the glowy/dewy look? What if I say it takes under 5 minutes? Yes, yes it does!!!!!

These are the  product categories I use to fake the glowy look. My favorite products are also linked.  Make sure you moisturize your skin well before you lather on these products:

Skin Veil 

I use this in  place of foundation. It makes your skin more breathable and look less cakey. You can use a fancy brush to apply this. Since I am usually in a hurry in the morning, I use my fingers and apply it like I a moisturizer. (I know.. I am lazy and not so cool)

 You can also use your favorite BB or CC cream. Here's my absolute favorite skin veil. 


If I have to get stuck on an island, this is "the product" that I want to have with me. Concealer can do magic! I apply it under my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, between the eyebrows and chin. Blend it away with a brush,fingers or beauty blender depending on how much time you have.


Eyebrow fill

This is a must have for looking instantly put together. To prevent the look of overdrawn eyebrows, get your eyebrow pencil/powder/gel in one shade lighter than your eyebrow. I usually go with the dark brown shade. 


Now this is the ultimate tool to get the glowy look.  Apply this on the bridge of the nose, and high points of the cheek. Highlighter from Becca and Nars are my absolute favorite that give the natural glowy look without shimmer specs all over your skin.

Lip gloss/Lipstick

Almost all of us own this make up product. You can either go with bold lips or opt for a light shimmer with lip gloss. 

Blusher and Mascara (optional)

These products are completely optional. But when added to make up regimen can make your face and eyes go from meh to va-voom!

Setting Spray

Finally, I set everything with a makeup setting spray. This keeps my makeup in place without moving through out the day. 

The Tatcha setting spray gives you the ultimate dewy look. It's my go to setting spray as I have dry skin. If you have oily skin, go with the Urban decay setting spray. 


This is the final look. It takes me less than 5 minutes to put this together. It's my go to make up look every morning before I leave the house.  The trick is to keep it simple. And remember, practice makes it perfect. So the more number of times you repeat this, the lesser time it takes.



Let me know if you try this make up regimen and if it works for you.

Keep glowing my friends :-)




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