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Fusion outfit Ideas- Indowestern

Fusion outfit Ideas- Indowestern

I LOVE wearing ethnic outfits. But wearing heavy Indian (South Asian) ethnic outfits on a day to day basis is not feasible. Therefore, I mix and match pieces to create fusion looks. Here are some ideas on how you can incorporate pretty Indian ethnic outfits in your day to day life. Click on the link below to shop the outfits.

Summer Maxi Dress

This pretty yellow printed maxi dress screams modern while being ethnic. I paired it with a cute chandbali earrings which goes perfect with the theme of fusion look

Lehenga Skirt

Lehenga or heavy long skirt is a must have in any Indian ethnic wardrobe. I paired this silk lehenga with a simple crop top to balance the fullness of the skirt.

Dhoti Pants

When I first bought this, I was not sure how to style these. But these pants are so comfy! I paired it with a simple silk shirt and a added a pearl necklace to offset the simplicity of the outfit.

Ethnic Print Fitted Dress

This dress from “Woven Threads” is so gorgeous. Its silk and has gorgeous Madhubani (local) art on it. It fits like a glove and looks so chic. Throw a blazer on top and it becomes work appropriate!

Ethnic Print Blazer

This blazer is such a great find! It costs less than 25 bucks and adds the right amount of color to any outfit. I wore it to work and got so many compliments

Long Tunic Dress

Long tunic dress in ethnic print is very versatile. I paired this bandhani (Indian tie-dye print) tunic with my jeans and a pair for sneakers for the ultimate laid back look.

Do you like fusion outfits? Comment below and let me know!

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