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Easy 5 Minute Makeup Tutorial

Easy 5 Minute Makeup Tutorial

Mornings are a mad house at my place. With my early morning meetings, making basic breakfast, getting the kid ready for school and getting myself ready for work- It’s seriously a marathon. Even though my husband is very hands on, it still gets chaotic. In order to not end up showing to work looking like a racoon, I do my signature 5-minute makeup routine every day. Watch the video below to see how I acheive my simple fresh-faced look every morning.

Now, if you are looking for dramatic transformation, this tutorial will not do that. In fact, you can still notice my dark circles in the final look. But that’s the reality of life. We cannot be perfect, and I am ok with that.

Products used are all linked below:

I have eyelash extensions, therefore the super long lashes. Just in case you are wondering 😊

·         Sunscreen (MUST HAVE)

·         Chanel foundation

·         Olay CC cream

·         Farsali essence

·         Maybelline concealer

·         Anastasia beverly hills blush palette

·         Anastasia beverly hills brow pomade

·         Tarte Highlighter

·         Clinique lipstick (My absolute favorite)

·         Tatcha make up finishing spray, skindinavia setting spray

·         Brushes used

Here’s the finished look and tutorial!

My everyday makeup tutorial. It takes less than 5 minutes!

What are your must have makeup products that you swear by.? Comment below and let me know!

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