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Best Hair Care Products

Best Hair Care Products

Ok- honestly, I am not exactly a model for long gorgeous hair. But, I did turn my hair from dry, brittle, over processed to soft and smooth! It did take some effort, but any effort to change your mane game is worth it.

I have dry, frizzy and color processed hair that has been tortured with heat styling. I tried to follow no heat rule, but I ended up looking like a homeless. There’s no way I could go to work every day with unruly hair. So I had to find a way to keep using styling tools yet reverse the damage. Here are some tips that worked for me.

Limit washing your hair

Your hair needs the natural oils that are secreted from your scalp. Try not to wash your hair more than 2 times a week. I wash my hair just once a week. How do I manage one whole week with dirty hair? Click here for details

Hot oil treatment

Every other week, I invest time in getting an oil massage. You can easily do this at home. My favorite store bought hair oil is linked below. Apply this overnight or 30 mins before washing your hair. Apply some heat to your hair for the oil to penetrate better. You can use a heat cap for that. (also linked below). It works wonders for your hair

Here’s an amazing home made hair oil recipe that works wonders for any hair issues. This oil smells awful, but works wonders. I have seen amazing results with this hair oil. Do give it a try. (All items are linked below)

Mix all ingredients and boil for 10 mins. Cool, strain and store in an air tight bottle. Apply before washing hair.

Hair mask treatment

Just like our skin needs extra TLC with mask, so does our hair. I absolutely love my garlic mask. It does not smell like garlic, but has all the goodness of garlic! I also use a protein/Keratin shot, which is the bomb. Use it every 2 weeks for the best results.

Hair Vitamins

There are so many hair gummies/vitamins in the market that claim to grow your hair overnight. You know that’s not true. But I have noticed that my hair and nails are much stronger when I eat these gummies on a regular basis. My favorite one is liked below.

What’s your hair care regimen? Is there anything that you think I should try besides the one’s listed above? Comment below and let me know!

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