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5 Weird Beauty Products that Work

5 Weird Beauty Products that Work

As a beauty product and make up hoarder, I am always up for trying the latest and greatest out there (as long as they fit my budget). 

After years of trying out odd products, there are 5 items that have been deemed victorious in my quest for finding the best, pocket friendly products out there. Interested in knowing what they are? Then read on!


Facial Cupping set

Facial cupping is supposed to increase the bloody supply to the face which I can vouch for (Face momentarily turns red after using it). It also has anti wrinkle effect on the skin. I use the facial cups to massage my face and neck every night. I love how therapeutic it is! You can find several cupping sets out there. The one I have used is linked below for $11.99.


Facial Hair Trimmer

Who has heard of dermaplaning? You can go to a salon, pay big bucks and get the peach fuzz removed from your face. OR you can use a facial hair trimmer at home like I do. I am sure you are thinking, will this not make my facial hair grow back faster and thicker? The answer is "NO, It won't". Using a facial hair trimmer is an excellent way to remove facial hair so that your beauty products are absorbed better and makeup glides on better on your skin. It gives this beautiful blurry image effect to your skin. 

Now... you can choose to use a razor, but that won't be very kind to your skin or lady like. So I used the hair trimmer that I got off amazon for $19.99 (thank you god for Amazon prime!)



Peeling solution

As the name suggests this does NOT peel your skin. But it does remove the dead cells. The best peeling solutions are with AHA+BHA. Peeling solutions help smoothen skin and also fight acne. However, these cannot be used more than twice a week. And when you apply it, it tingles! I usually fan my face to reduce the mild discomfort . Hey, a lady got to pay the price for looking good!. My favorite peeling solution is very ordinary (literally) and has ingredients that you can read and comprehend. The best part, it costs below 10 bucks. Score!



Snail Mucin/Slime Cream

Imagine one fine day you are walking down the street and you see a slimy snail crawling. Of all the thoughts that should cross your mind, you think...."Hmm, how about I pick this slime and apply it on my face ". Very normal right? Well ,not for most of us.  Someone had this weird thought and decided to collect the slime and bottle it up in a jar of pure magic. I am sure that person will be or already is a millionaire, cuz this stuff works WONDERS!

After 2 weeks of use, this cream gave me an etheral glow. Even my husband (of all people) noticed how good my skin looked. So go and grab yours. I found mine for just $17. (again on amazon).



Sunscreen mist/ Makeup setting spray

A makeup setting spray locks in your makeup. But when it has sunscreen in it that does not make you look like a white ghost, that's a double score!

Words cannot fathom how much I love my makeup setting spray with sunscreen in it. It feels so cool on the skin when I spray it. And you can reapply it as many times as you want without messing up your makeup. Who wouldn't want that? I found mine at Sephora for $28.



If you try any of these items, do let me know how you like them. You can either comment below or send me an email. Stay gorgeous y'all!

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