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Ways to Instantly Look Good

Ways to Instantly Look Good

There are days when you just feel “meh”. These are the days when I want to use a trick that makes me instantly feel and look good. And that does not take me hours to execute !

Now you may argue that how you look on the outside has nothing to do with how you feel inside. I agree with that a 100%. But how you look on the outside is what gets noticed first. So does not hurt to be a bit vain I guess ;-)

So here are some tips and tricks that I use on these ‘meh’ days to look better on the outside. Click on the photos to shop. Outfit details are mentioned below the photos.


This removes the peach fuzz on your face and gives you that effortless, flawless look! Make glides on much better on dermaplaned skin. There are so many gadgets available in the market to achieve the dermaplaned look. It takes 2 minutes to remove the peach fuzz and get instantly smooth skin. My favorite one is linked below.

Image- Amazon

Image- Amazon

Tailored Clothing

I can’t emphasize the importannce of a good tailored piece of outfit. Ill fitted clothes never look good. So invest in a good tailor. Wear something fitted or well tailored and you instantly feel good no matter what shape or size you are.

Dress- 1901 (Nordstrom), Shoe- Sam Edelman

Wear Something Red

A red lip, top , bottom or shoes can instantly add an oomph to any look. The easiest way to feel super confident is by wearing a red lip.

Cardigan- J crew, Skirt- Le Tote, Shoes- Tory Burch

Pearly White Teeth

White teeth instantly brightens your smile. There are 10 minuites whitening kits available in the drug stores. Put in on while getting ready in the morning and you will have shiny white teeth before you head out of the door.

Tame the Mane

How your hair looks can make or break it. Make sure that your hair looks tamed. For those bad hair days, put your hair up in a bun or a sleek ponytail. I usually rinse by hair with apple cider vinegar (dilulted with water) to get shiny hair. Always works wonders.

Skirt- Zara, Shoes- Coach, Top-Nordstrom Rack, Earrings- Chanel

Suction Cups

This little gadget is genius. Use it in the morning before putting on makeup and you skin will have an instant glow. I have been using mine for more than a year and truly love it.

Image- Amazon

Image- Amazon

What are some of your tips and tricks to instantly look good? Comment below and let me know.

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