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5 Fashion Trends To Ditch

5 Fashion Trends To Ditch

We are almost in Fall 2018. With fall comes the latest and greatest fall fashion. You will find tons of information on the web talking about what's hot for fall. So instead, I decided to talk about trends that are slowly dying or are almost dead and what can you replace them with. 

First things first. My disclaimer..... this is solely my opinion. You may completely disagree with me. If you are rocking some of these trends, please keep doing so. Also, take my suggestion with a grain of salt and don't get offended :-)

Here we go!

Chunky Jewelry

There was a time when bubble and statement necklaces were the most happening pieces of jewelry. I own tons of these! Sadly, the chunky necklace /earring trend is almost dead.

Replace with- Enter........(drum roll please)- Dainty Jewelry.

It's all about dainty neck pieces and earrings. They add a very classy look to your outfit. Layer them on, wear them single, mix and match metals. There's no end of combinations you can create. 

Here are a couple of my favorites:


Over the Knee Boots

My hormones decided that I need to stop growing after an amazing height of 5 ft 2 inches (sigh). Fashion industry decided to make "over the knee boots" a trend. I tried it and it made me look like I had super short legs. And it restricted my movement! Therefore, I was never a big fan of these boots.

Replace with- Booties and sock boots. Oh, how I love these booties. They are so comfy and look absolutely chic when worn with pants rolled up at the seam. It makes my legs look super long!

 Low Waist Pants

Few years back, it was all about the low waist jeans. These are great if you have washboard abs. Well , I am not one of those who's blessed with any abs, forget washboard. 

These jeans made my paunch look worse and gave me a muffin top. oh and not to forget, exposing your butt crack when you sit down (No, thank you)

Replace with-.High waist jeans/pants/shorts. I am so glad this 90s trend is back!  This style hides my flabby stomach and sucks everything in. Gives an illusion of a slim waist.Wardrobe god knows how much I love these! You can never go wrong with these. 


Corset Belts

Thanks to the Kardashians for starting this trend.  It's supposed to accentuate your waist which it kind of does. But it also makes you look bulky and overpowers your outfit. 

Replace with- Structured belts. A chic belt can make a huge difference to any outfit.


Bomber Jackets

Even though I absolutely love my bomber jackets, sadly this trend is dying.

Replace with- Double breasted/Lapel jackets or blazers. If you have read my previous blogs, you know that I am a die hard blazer fan.

I am not ready to give up my bomber jackets yet. But, I am all for double breasted/ lapel jackets and blazers.


If you are a clothing and jewelry hoarder like I am, what do you do with these "out of trend" items?

I either donate them (always a noble deed), or hoard on to them for years as fashion makes a complete circle! I am sure some of these items will be back in trend in 10 years :-)

I am definitely hoarding on to some of my chunky jewelry and bomber jackets.

How about you? Are you ready to move on to the latest and greatest trends or hoarding on to some of these?













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